Brian Van Norman
Extension 112

Terry McKay II
Director of Operations
Extension 107

Tom  LaChance
Plant Manager
Extension 111

Eric Snyder
Director of Sales and Engineering
Extension 130

Robert LaChance
Logistic Manager
Extension 121

Phillip Williams
Purchasing Manager
Extension 104

Brian Mathewson
Estimating / Engineering
Extension 108

Daniel Grayson
Estimating / Engineering
Extension 115

Kenneth Bowles
Quality Manager
Extension 116

John Langa
Estimating / Purchasing
Extension 109


Chris Pappas
CNC  Lathe Programer
Extension 118

CNC Mill Programer
Extension 118

Cheri Bledsoe
Accounts Receivable
Extension 101

Stephanie London
Office Manager
Extension 110

Amy Alstermark
Administrative Assistant
Extension 101

Pam Thrift
Administrative Assistant
Extension 100

Pat Priestap
Account Manager

Ryan LaChance
Manufacturing Follow-Up

IT Systems
Extension 131

The people of O.Keller Tool Engineering Company thank you
for your trust and confidence.